We provide accessible solutions that empower growers and entrepreneurs worldwide.
ISG: Driving Economic Growth Through Innovation and Knowledge
We are committed to creating connections that generate economic growth and promotes ustainability.
ISG offers innovative business development services to corporations and international government agencies, providing access to the latest Israeli technologies and promising entrepreneurs. With our vast experience and knowledge across multiple sectors, we ensure successful connections that drive economic growth for all partners. Our unique approach creates a regional-strategic-economic cluster, leveraging regional assets and promoting interests in Israel.
We value innovation and deliver advanced technologies toour partners.
The Agrotech Cluster:
A New Paradigm for Regional Economic Development
ISG's Agrotech cluster in the western Negev offers a unique model for regional innovation. The cluster brings together entrepreneurs, research and academic centers, corporations, public sector entities, and capital investors to create a holistic ecosystem. This approach attracts companies, entrepreneurs, and investments to the western Negev. The Innovation Groups foster creative solutions to complex challenges arising from the field.
Uniting Innovation Factors
for High-Level Multiple Connections
The Agrotech cluster offers a high-level perspective for qualitative connections across the region. By uniting all innovation factors, we give Innovation Groups the perfect conditions to develop innovative solutions for global needs. This approach not only drives economic growth but also fosters a strong sense of community, making the western Negev a hub for sustainable development.
Our mission
ISG drives economic growth through innovative business development services that connect partners with Israeli technologies and entrepreneurs. Our unique approach leverages regional assets to create a sustainable ecosystem that fosters creative solutions to complex challenges.
Our Start-ups
Our value proposition is to provide access to the leading Israeli aggrotech companies, offering stand-alone solutions or cluster them together for unmatched value in the global agriculture industry. ISG handles everything, from making the connections to delivering the solutions and providing ongoing support. As your main point of contact, we ensure a seamless experience and guarantee the highest level of customer satisfaction. Trust us to handle everything, so you can focus on growing your business.
Together we can make a markets and create the right callobaration, for a better future bussines.
We believe in personal connection, followed by creativity, ideas and innovation.