We believe in personal connection, followed by creativity, ideas and innovation.
Our unique established methods offer our partners to create a regional – strategic – economic cluster based on regional assets alongside the ability to facilitate access to Israeli innovation and technology. We strive to always offer the most accurate solution and to promote the interests of our customers in Israel.


The company has an extensive international network of contacts and partnerships in countries around the world, which enables us to provide valuable insights and resources to clients seeking to expand into new markets. We work closely with official representations of the Israeli government, as well as other diplomatic and business organizations, to help clients navigate the cultural, legal, and regulatory challenges of doing business in foreign countries. Our team of experts can provide strategic guidance, market analysis, and practical support to help businesses successfully expand their operations and achieve their growth objectives.
Entry into international markets
The company provides a range of services to help businesses raise funds. This includes identifying potential investors and partners, preparing investment proposals and pitch decks, and managing the entire fundraising process. The company can also assist with securing loans and other forms of financing to help businesses achieve their goals.
The company has extensive experience in helping clients submit successful grant applications to state agencies. This includes identifying eligible grant programs, assisting with grant proposal writing and budgeting, and navigating the often complex application process. The company can also help clients meet reporting requirements and comply with grant regulations.
Grants submission
The company offers strategic consulting services to help clients develop and implement effective business strategies. This includes conducting market research and analysis, identifying opportunities for growth and innovation, and developing action plans to achieve goals. The company also provides ongoing support to help clients monitor progress and adjust strategies as needed.
The company helps clients develop and implement strategies for business growth, including identifying new markets, creating innovative products and services, and developing partnerships and collaborations. The company can also assist with creating growth engines, such as technology platforms or marketing campaigns, to help businesses achieve their goals more quickly and efficiently.
Business development and creation of growth engines
At ISG, we offer expert project management services to help our clients achieve their goals. Our experienced project managers use proven methodologies to complete projects on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards. We begin with a consultation to understand our clients' objectives and develop a comprehensive project plan. During project execution, we provide ongoing management and coordination of project activities and effective communication between stakeholders. Our focus is on delivering long-term value to our clients by ensuring their projects align with their strategic goals.
Together we can make a markets and create the right callobaration, for a better future bussines.
We believe in personal connection, followed by creativity, ideas and innovation.